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DSP III Odometer Correction OBD Tool Description


1.The DSP III Odometer Correction OBD Tool - Special Edition - Odometers + IMMOBILIZERS is the most COMPLETE equipment for the programming of mileage, air bags, radios, and IMMOBILIZERS.
2.With its advanced operating system allows great flexibility and effectiveness for the programming of the various modules already mentioned.

Technical Reference:

*Processor ARM 10 TDI and CORTEX ARM (600MHZ)
*Screen 800 * 480 TFT LCD touch screen (7.0¨x 16: 9)
*Advanced functions in OBD including CAN BUS / J1850 / CCD BUS / ISO9141 and Protocol SPI Intuitive programmer with complete menus and guide by means of figures or preloaded pictures.
*SD card included where it is provided with photos and instructions in full color.
*You can also add information to the card and download it to your PC / laptop. Online update for one year for free

DSPIII FULL Professional Diagnostic Tools for Kilometers, Immobilizers, Airte Bags, Radios, etc.


Programmer, OBD cables, EEPROM cards, MOTOROLA Programmer, NEC, TMS, HC711, HC908, HCS12 in-circuit, HC705, EWS, NDM457, ST624, TMS374, CMM, JC adapter, BENZ-38 connector, BWM-20 connector, cables BMW CAS and BENZ cluster cable for board / connector, SD card, clips, touch-holders, USB cable, power supply, complete programming of vehicles in list.

This is a professional level team with excellent functions and continuously growing. It is recommended that the person using this equipment have basic knowledge in electronics and / or programming.

We suggest that you take the Course / Certification in the Odometer Programming of two days with AutoExacto, ask your advisor for more details and / or promotional price of equipment with course included.



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